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What a Dental Crown Can Do for Your Smile

Are you having trouble with a damaged tooth or two? Don’t fret—dental crowns can easily fix that problem for you. Dental crowns are tooth-shaped caps that restore your tooth’s size, strength, shape, and at the same time, enhance the quality of your smile.

A consultation with your dentist, Dr. Kristin Stevens, here at Center Grove Family Dentistry in Greenwood, IN, can determine if you can benefit from Greenwood dental crowns. Until then, find out what they can do for you.

What Issues Can Dental Crowns Fix?

There are various reasons you might need a Greenwood dental crown, such as the following:

  • Repair a broken or intensely worn down tooth
  • Safeguard a tooth that’s cracked or chipped
  • Shield a weak tooth from decay
  • Secure a dental bridge in position
  • Restore a severely stained or discolored tooth
  • Fortify a tooth with a lot of filling if there isn’t much tooth remaining
  • Support a dental implant
  • Enhance the appearance of your teeth

What Benefits Do Crowns Offer?

Greenwood dental crowns last about five to ten years or even more if you practice good oral hygiene. Moreover, they provide a range of benefits such as the following:

  • They look just like your natural teeth. The materials used for crowns can easily match the color and appearance of the rest of your teeth.
  • You can eat with ease. You won’t have to experience any difficulty when eating as dental crowns fix damaged teeth, which are usually prone to sensitivity and pain.
  • Dental crowns enhance your appearance. They replace any missing teeth and cover stains to help you achieve a brighter and whiter smile.

How Does the Procedure Work?

It typically takes two appointments with your dentist in Greenwood, IN, to complete the installation of the dental crowns. Generally speaking, the procedure would involve these steps:

  • Your affected tooth is prepared. Its outer part is removed along with any decay that is present to ensure a proper fit for the crown. In the case that more tooth structure is required to help support the crown, the core of your tooth may have to be reshaped by your dentist first.
  • An impression of your affected tooth is created. This prepares an accurate model for the making of the crown. The impression is constructed either from a mold or through digitally scanning the tooth.
  • Fitting the temporary dental crown. You may be required to wear a temporary crown for a week or two while waiting for the permanent one to be fabricated.
  • The dental crown is placed in your mouth. Your dentist will make the needed adjustments to secure and cement the crown in place.

To Learn If You’re Eligible for Dental Crowns, Contact Us

Call (317) 548-2627 to schedule an assessment with your dentist Dr. Kristin Stevens of Center Grove Family Dentistry here in Greenwood, IN.


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